Kythnos – western Cyclades

Kythnos is an island situated towards the western area of the Greek Cyclades archipelago. This island can be found at a distance of around 60 miles from the harbor of Piraeus, between Serifos and Kea. The territory of Kythnos is of around 100 km2 and counts with more than 72 beaches, turning it into a very attractive destination to all those tourists who enjoy sea related activities. Due to the large amount of beaches this island has, visitors can always search and find one which adapts to their preferences considering different variables such as, per example, water, sand, environment, and amount of people, among others.

The main towns or settlements tourists can visit in Kythnos are the village of Driopida and the village of Mesaria or Hora. These two villages are the main settlements of the island and count with several interesting attractions, such as antique constructions, beautiful beaches, and amazing natural landscapes.

The village of Hora is famous by its impressing ancient Greek church, a large construction which dates from several centuries ago. Besides this, this village has a variety of restaurants, cafes, and shops which can ensure visitors of feeling very comfortable during their visit. Driopida, the second most important village in Kythnos, is very beautiful and full of charming narrow streets surrounded by antique houses of typical Greek style.

Other interesting spot visitors should not miss while being in Kythnos is the port town of Merihas. The town of Merihas is famous by its port and its economy is mainly based on fishing related activities and commerce. This village is very small in size and population and offers a very charming and peculiar general environment provided by the mixture of its constructions, its inhabitants, and its port.

The island of Kythnos conserves most of its traditional spots and constructions, and is recognized as one of the less affected by modern trends island in the archipelago. Despite of the great amount of tourists it receives, this island has managed to conserve its antique constructions and traditional appearance, being this one of its main unquestionable and appealing attractions.

Map of Kythnos in Greece