The popular Serifos

Serifos is one of the most popular islands in the Cyclades archipelago. This island’s popularity is based on a variety of reasons, such as its beautiful beaches, its attractive night life, its historical spots and its peculiar constructions among many others. There is a lot to see and meet in this island as well as a wide variety of options to those who simply wish to relax.

The economy of Serifos has been traditionally based on the commercialization of copper an iron, as well as from some fishing and farming activities which allow them to sell products to many other spots in Greece as well as to other areas in the world. Despite of its increasing popularity, tourism is not among its main traditional sources of income.

The inhabitants of this island are one of the major plus this destination counts on since they are very friendly and welcoming with tourists. Most of the times, visitors have an amazing impression from Serifos’ inhabitants who often would even allow foreigners to go to some private traditional celebrations such as weddings.

Serifos is also strongly related to the ancient Greek mythology. There are several mythological stories in which Serifos is named, and is said that this island was where Perseus and his parents, Danae and Zeus, arrived into a box in which Danae’s father had put them before sending them away by the sea.

The capital of Serifos, called Chora, is one of the main spots tourists should visit while being in the island. There are several interesting spots to visit in Chora, such as, for example, the Monastery of Taxiarchon which was built during the 16th century, a church from the 18th century, or the island’s main archaeological museum.

Despite of the wide range of options tourists can find in Serifos, spending time at one of its beautiful beaches can be very tempting as well. This island has several great beaches with soft white sands and clear warm waters, some of them very peaceful and ideal for any tourists who enjoy sunbathing or swimming while being surrounded of an amazing environment.

Map of Serifos in Greece