Kamares – in Erineos

Kamares is a town situated in the Greek municipality of Erineos, within the archipelago of the Cyclades. Erineos is considered a municipality which belongs to the prefecture of Achaea, with Kamares as the seat of administration. This is a very pacific and tranquil destination which can be a great choice to any person who wishes to forget about his every day city life and relax surrounded by beautiful sceneries.

In the past, Kamares has had different names which have been changing as time passed by. Among the different denominations this destination has received, we can name, for example, Kamare and Kamarai. Although this destination doesn’t count with many antique constructions or spots to visit, its beautiful sceneries and amazing natural environment are a great reason for visiting it.

The village or town of Kamares is near a variety of other interesting destinations, such as, for example, Corinth, Patras, Seliana, Aigio, and Pteri. There is a highway which connects Kamares with Corinth and Patras as well as allows easy access to Aigio and Seliana.

Kamares is a charming small or village town situated on a plain area and surrounded by some hills and mountains. This town has a main lyceum, a school, a church, a train station and a few banks as well as some other facilities and shops which accompany the picturesque appearance of this charming village.

Besides this, Kamares is also a great choice for all those who are fond of living in direct contact with nature and going to a camping area. Kamares counts with several camping areas and different areas ideal for picnics and similar open air activities which allow visitors to fully explore and enjoy the beauty of its nature.

This small village also counts with some beautiful green areas and forests which would allow tourists to enjoy a close encounter with nature and breathe some great fresh air while walking around and observing amazing trees, plants and birds. This destination is perfect to any tourist who wishes to run away from city life, traffic, and crowds, changing to a peaceful, natural and beautiful environment.

Map of Erineos in Greece