The unchanged Merihas

Merihas is one of the better conserved and less changed by tourism impact islands in the entire Cyclades archipelago. This way, Merihas offers very beautiful and pure natural sceneries composed by attractive green areas, some amazing beaches and many untouched constructions built many centuries ago.

The island of Merihas is a great destination for swimming and practicing other sea related sports since it counts with a few spots ideal for that. Besides this, when visiting Merihas, those tourists who enjoy relaxing and swimming in a tranquil environment could find several peaceful bays and beaches spread throughout the coast of the island.

Merihas counts with several bays which are among the most visited spots in the island. Among these bays, there is, for example, the bay of Ormos Kolona, a usually deserted spot with great swimming areas and amazing sands. Another attractive bay tourists can visit in this island is Ormos Fikiadha, actually composed by two small bays and offering some ideal spots for swimming.

The main port of Merihas, called Merikha, is another interesting place visitors should not miss while being in this island. The port of Merikha consists on a small charming harbor surrounded by several cafes and taverns. This harbor is situated towards the western coast of the island and tourists can often observe a variety of boats and ferries maneuvering during their visit.

Besides Merikha, this island also has another secondary yet also attractive harbor called Loutra. This harbor is newer than Merikha but also counts with a variety of taverns and small restaurants surrounding it in such a way that visitors can have a nice meal while enjoying a beautiful sea landscape and observe the daily movements of the harbor.

The island of Merihas can be a great choice for any tourist who wishes to meet a peaceful and typical fishing environment, unchanged by the usual impact caused by tourism. This destination is ideal for spending most of the day at the beach, near a harbor, or enjoying sea related landscapes while having a great meal with fresh sea food as main ingredients at a local tavern.

Map of Merihas in Greece