The villages of Apollonia

Apollonia, in the Greek archipelago of the Cyclades, is the capital town of Sifnos, a beautiful island with many different spots to visit. This capital is one of several appealing small towns and villages which can be found spread throughout the territory of Sifnos.

The town of Apollonia is famous, throughout the island and other near by destinations, by its attractive night life. This is a very attractive destination to young visitors as well as to people from all ages who like going out at night and having fun after a relaxing day in a beautiful beach. Besides this, Apollonia also counts with some interesting historical spots and amazing constructions which tourists should not miss meeting.

Tourists who visit Apollonia could find a variety of cafes, bars, restaurants and discos. During nights, especially at weekends, Apollonia tends to become very lively and staying home or in a hotel becomes very difficult since it is not easy resisting the fun offered by this town’s variety of night life options.

The main street of Apollonia is very peculiar due to the fact that, despite of being the main street of a capital town, is so narrow that cars couldn’t go through it. This way, visitors who wish to go through this street other than walking need to rent a bicycle or a motorbike since only these vehicles could be appropriate for it.

Apollonia is also ideal for those who wish to visit the rest of the island of Sifnos fast and easily. There are many buses connecting this town with the rest of the islands’ villages in a constant basis in such a way that tourists can visit a variety of other appealing spots and beaches spread throughout the island almost every moment they might wish.

There’s a wide offer of hotels and apartments in Apollonia, being this another reason for many tourists to choose this town as their base spot for visiting the rest of the island. Besides this, there also is an interesting variety of restaurants offering from typical Greece dishes to traditional food from many other countries, such as Italian, Spanish, and Chinese among many others.

Map of Apollonia in Greece