Sifnos – western Cyclades

The island of Sifnos is one of the less visited spots in the Cyclades archipelago, although it counts with several attractive characteristics and is an ideal destination to those tourists who wish to relax at a non crowded beach. This island is situated towards the western area of the Cyclades, to the west of the islands of Paros and Delos and between Milos and Serifos, in such a way that while visiting this destination, tourists can easily visit several other attractive spots as well.

Reaching Sifnos should not be difficult since there are frequent ferry lines connecting it with other destinations, such as with Kimolos, Serifos, Milos, Piraeus, or Kythnos. Once they arrive to Sifnos, visitors would find an island with a territory of about 4 km2 consisting on 7,5 km of width and 15 km of length, and a shoreline of about 70 kilometers with several beautiful beaches and many unique sea landscapes.

Several centuries ago, Sifnos was a very wealthy island and counted with several silver and gold mines. As time passed by, these mines gave all the products they could, and nowadays this is only part of the island’s history. However, Sifnos is still recalled as a great gold and silver source, and some antique mines can be still visited at some areas of its territory.

While walking around in Sifnos, tourists could enjoy beautiful landscapes and observe olive trees now and then, providing this island with a very peculiar and appealing appearance. Besides this, this island is characterized by having picturesque white houses with beautiful balconies and gardens and colorful windows, in such a way that walking around and enjoying the landscape provided by these elements can be one of the most appealing attractions offered by the island.

Sifnos also has many beautiful beaches, some of them even considered paradisiacal by the tourists who visit the island. This island offers white soft sands combined with emerald and clear blue waters turning them into a perfect choice to those who enjoy sunbathing as well as to those who like swimming or practicing some other water sports in amazing waters.

Map of Sifnos in Greece