Antiparos and its cavern

Antiparos is an island situated in Greece, part of the archipelago of the Cyclades. This island counts with several interesting attractions, although its cavern is the most visited and appealing spot it has. This destination is ideal to visitors who have an adventurous or bold spirit as well as to those who enjoy nice beaches and sea related landscapes.

The island of Antiparos has a stalactite cavern which is very interesting to visit due to its characteristics and the mysterious appearance it offers. This stalactite cavern can be found towards the southern coast of the island, and in order to reach it visitors would have to walk through a narrow and even dangerous passage.

The interior of Antiparos’ stalactite cavern has a height of about 50 feet and a width of about 140 and counts with several different corridors and it is said that it still has some undiscovered spots. While walking in this cavern, visitors can observe unique and amazing stalactite formations which cause this place to show a mysterious brilliant appearance.

Antiparos also has a variety of appealing beaches spread throughout its coasts. The two main beaches tourists could find are the First Psaraliki and the Second Psaraliki, one next to the other. Near these beaches visitors could also find two beach clubs known as the Fanari Beach Club and the time Marine Beach Club.

Tourists who wish to go to a restaurant while being in this destination might have to ask for directions or consult a tourist guide since there is a couple of nice restaurants but they are not situated in the main tourist area. There also are some other beaches besides the two main ones but visitors might not be able to discover them easily either.

Antiparos also offers an entertaining night life, turning it into an appealing destination to young people as well as too visitors from any age who enjoy going out and having fun at night. There are several pubs and bars situated near the central square of the island, and especially during weekends and in high seasons this area concentrates important amount of visitors, some of them even approaching from other islands.

Map of Antiparos in Greece