Ermoupolis – a queen town

Ermoupolis, situated in the island of Syros and also known as Hermoupolis, is the capital town of the Cyclades archipelago and is considered one of the most attractive spots in the area as well. This town or city counts with a wide variety of interesting things to meet and do as well as it offers a very beautiful scenery, providing this way a great combination of tourist attractions.

The town of Ermoupolis offers a landscape full of white houses and antique mansions, many of them of neo classical style. This way, and while walking around, tourists could enjoy a great view, specially near the bay area which is not only charming by itself but it also seems to be surrounded by picturesque houses.

Those tourists who enjoy architecture would surely be able to have a nice time while visiting Hermoupolis. This town has many interesting antique constructions dating from several centuries ago. Among these interesting constructions, there is, per example, the church of Anastasis, the Church of St. Demetrius, and the Cathedral of St. Nicolas.

Ermoupolis also counts with a very interesting museum full of unique objects and where visitors can learn an important amount of information on the town and the Cyclades archipelago. This museum, known as the Archeological Museum, also has a very interesting library, the Municipal Library, which has a variety of unique editions and rare books.

One of the most appealing spots visitors would find in the town of Ermoupolis is its central square. The central square of Ermoupolis is where the town hall is located, surrounded by a variety of restaurants and cafes where visitors can enjoy nice meal or a good cup of coffee and relax while planning their schedules for the day.

Tourists should not have major problems finding the accommodation and facilities they might need while being in Ermoupolis due to the fact that it counts with a wide offer of them. Despite of this, it is always recommendable to check for availability on advance since this destination receives important amounts of tourists and could be easier to make sure of counting with the desired accommodation by booking it before going.

Map of Ermoupolis in Greece