Visiting the island of Paros

Paros is a beautiful island part of the Greek Cyclades archipelago. This island, which is situated by the Aegean Sea, shares one same language known as the Paronaxia, with its sister island, Naxos, and counts with a very welcoming population as well as very appealing landscapes and sights.

The island of Paros has one central mountain of a height of around 2500 ft or 800 m and tourists can enjoy amazing sights over the island, the sea, and the surroundings from it. The capital town of Paros is the town of Parikia, also known as Paroekia, located on the north western area of the island and on a bay.

The architecture of the island of Paros, and especially of the capital, is very interesting since is mainly composed by antique constructions of Italian style. These constructions are surrounded by beautiful gardens with citric trees and vines in such a way that walking around the town can be enjoyed with all the senses.

Towards the central area of Parikia, tourists could visit the main square and several antique constructions surrounding it. Among these antique constructions, visitors can meet the Church of Ekatontapiliani which was founded by Saint Helen, mother of the emperor of Constantinople while she was on her pilgrim way to the holly Land.

The bay of Naussa or Nauossa is another spot tourists should not miss while visiting Paros. The bay of Naussa is very antique and counts with an important amount of historical events on its past. Besides this bay, visitors can also meet the harbor of Drios, another interesting spot known by the way in which the Turkish used to stop in it on their way to the Aegean every year.

Paros counts with important resources of marble, and its economy used to be based on it and bring wealth to its inhabitants for centuries. The most famous marble exported from this island is a quasi transparent and beautiful one known as the Parian marble. Tourists can visit one of the main spots from which this marble could be found towards the northern area of the island, on the side of the mountain.

Map of Paros in Greece