The beautiful Tinos

Tinos is a beautiful island situated in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Greek Cyclades. Tinos is also known as Hydroessa or Ophiussa since those were the names it used to have some centuries ago and sometimes people refer to it with one of those denominations.

The island of Tinos can be found near to Andros and Mykonos, another two amazing islands which turn this area of the Cyclades into a very attractive one. This way, it is very recommendable that tourists who visit any of these islands also try to visit the other nar by destinations since they all have something unique and beautiful to offer.

There are several constructions and characteristics by which Tinos is so interesting. Among these characteristics and constructions, there is, for example, the antique church of Evangelistria, some Venetian fortifications, about 20 charming windmills and over 45 villages which provide this destination with a very picturesque appearance.

Tinos is also famous in Greece due to the fact that it is a historical pilgrimage center. For centuries, pilgrims have aimed to reach this island, and still nowadays, every year a group of pilgrims arrive for the Assumption of the Virgin Mary on August 15th, a day called the Dekapentavgoustos in Greece.

Arriving to this island should not be difficult due to the fact that it counts with three different ports. These ports receive passenger boats as well as bigger ships and ferries from a variety of destinations. There’s constant transportation between Tinos and some other near by islands such as Mykonos, Rafina, Syros, Andros and Piraeus.

There are many small villages and towns spread throughout the territory of Tinos as well as in other nearby islands. Among these towns, some of the main ones visitors could meet are, for example, Panormos, Tarambados, Livada, Steni, Kampos, Komi, Isternia, Kalloni, Kitikados, Ormos Panormou, and Falatados among many others. Theres a variety of beautiful spots and landscapes to meet while being in this region of Greece and tourists should try to plan their vacations as good as possible in order to meet as many of them as they can.

Map of Tinos in Greece