Visiting Andros

Andros is an island in the Greek Cyclades which can be found at about 3 km from the north of Tinos and 10 km from the south east of Euboea. This island has a size of about 16 km wide and 40 km long and offers a very interesting geographical appearance composed by a mixture of mountains and fertile valleys inhabited by about 20.000 people.

Originally, the island of Andros was inhabited by Ionians and Thracians, counting this way with a peculiar mixture of roots. Towards the 7th century BC, this island became very prosperous and controlled several colonies in the region, such as per example Argilus, Stageira, Sane and Acanthus.

In ancient Greece, the capital of Andros was Palaeopolis. Nowadays, tourists could still visit some ruins of this ancient city situated on the west coast of the island. Among the most interesting spots visitors can meet in these ruins, there is, per example, the Temple of Dionysus built in the year 480 BC.

During the Hellenistic period, Andros became the spot in which two forces from the Aegean Sea, the Egyptians and the Macedonians, would fight. In that époque, this island would belong to different reigns from time to time, in such a way that, per example, it was reigned by the Macedonians in 333, by Ptolemy I og Egypt in 397, and again by the Macedonians in 263.

One of the most interesting historical events that happened in Andros took place in the year 1821. In 1821, one of the main intellectuals in what was known as the Greek Revolution, raised the Greek flag in Andros, in the Church of St. George, and declared the War of Independence. His speech was famous and was very important in giving strength to those who would fight against the invaders.

Nowadays, the capital town of Andros, known as Hora or Chora, can be found between two of the main beaches in the island. This spot offers not only beautiful sea related landscapes but also interesting constructions, such as antique town squares and impressive neoclassical buildings as well as several museums tourists should not miss during their visit.

Map of Andros in Greece