Donousa and its landscapes

Donousa is an ideal destination to all those tourists who enjoy mountain related landscapes and activities. This spot is characterized by having a variety of mountains, rocks, hills and other rock related geographical formations which turn it into a very interesting and peculiar area.

The town of Donousa, also called Denousa or Denoussa, can be found within the Greek Cyclades, at about 15 kilometers from the east of Naxos, 25 kilometers from the northern area of Amorgos, and 7 kilometers from the Islands Makaries. This destination has a very small area of about 14 km2, but despite of this small size it contains several amazing sights and interesting spots to visit.

Most of the people that can be seen in Donousa are tourists due to the fact that it only counts with a population of less than 150 inhabitants and its fame as an interesting destination has been increasingly growing in the past few years. This way, this destination is almost uninhabited and its natural elements often cause it to look as a very different spot than the other destinations that surround it.

Donousa is the Cyclade Island situated at the furthest eastern spot in the group. It is a very pecitresque and charming destination in which only a couple of small villages can be spread and mixed with an outstanding and almost impressing environment full of rocks and mountains.

The life of the population of Donousa is mainly centered on the town’s small port, called the Port of Ai. This port is very appealing and provides this town’s inhabitants with their main economical resources as well as communicates them with the exterior. Toruists should make sure of visiting this port while being in Donousa.

There are five main villages spread throughout the small Donousa. One of these villages is Kalofarintissa, a spot in which tourists could meet a small tavern as well as observe the typical daily life of the town. Other villages are Messaria, Troulos, Mersini, and Stavros. Stavros is often described as the main village in Donouse due to the fact that the port is situated in it and is the most visited area.

Map of Donousa in Greece