The large island of Naxos

Naxos, in the Cyclades, is the largest island of the Greek archipelago and is famous by the fact that it was the central area in the antique Cycladis culture. This is one of the most visited spots in that area of Greece due to the great combination of attractions it offers as well as to its beautiful natural characteristics.

Among the main natural attractions offered by Naxos, its beaches can be found in the top places of the list. This island has several amazing beaches, among which we can name, for example, the beach of Agios Prokopios, the beach of Agios Georgios, the beach of Castraki, the beach of Mikri Viglia, the beach of Alikos, and the beach of Agia Anna.

Naxos also aounts with several interesting ruins of antique constructions. One of the most visited of these ruins is the ruins of a temple from which important structural elements were lost during an earthquake. Despite of the destruction caused by that earthquake, tourists can still meet several parts of that antique temple, such as, for example, some of its columns.

The island of Naxos is also recognized as a very fertile spot which has the most fertile lands in the entire Cyclades archipelago. Most of this fertility is provided by the water supplies the island counts with combined with a good average of rains and a propitious land. This way, this island’s economy has always owed most of its resources to its lands, and although it has also become a great tourist centre, still counts with this characteristic.

Naxos has been related to the antique Greek mythology in several occasions. Many mythological tales name this island, and according to them, this was the place in which Ariadne, daughter of the King of Crete, was abandoned by Theseus after he killed the Minotaur with her help. Once she was abandoned, the god of the island Dionysius and Ariadne met, and this god fell in love with her, although she was still in love with Theseus and killed herself due to the pain she was feeling after being abandoned.

Map of Naxos in Greece