Hora – the capital of Ios

Hora, the capital town of Ios, is a very beautiful spot which all those tourists who visit that area of the Greek Cyclades should not miss. This spot offers many different tourists attractions as well as enough facilities to make sure all visitors are able to have a nice time.

The beaches of Hora are often described not only as one of the main attractions in the town but also of the entire region. These beaches have white soft sands and clear blue waters combined in such a way that turn them into an almost irresistible attraction which hardly any tourist can avoid to wish to experience.

Besides the natural beauty offered by Hora, tourists can also have as much fun as they might wish due to the fact that this own, and other spots within Ios, count with a wide offer of night clubs, pubs, cafes, and bars. This way, this destination is used to receive important amount of young people as well as people from all ages who wish to enjoy a beautiful beach during day and have fun going out at nights.

Hora also counts with a very interesting historical past and is strongly attached to some tales in the ancient Greek mythology. According to the town’s history and tales, this area was where the mother of Homer, Clymene, lived as well as the place where Homer was buried. Due to this, there is a festivity held every year, during the month of May, in this area in honor to Homer. This festivity is called Homeria and turn May into a great moment for choosing visiting Hora.

Reaching Hora and Ios is easy since there are several ways to achieve it. Per example, tourists could reach Hora by a flight which could take them to Naxos, or in one of the frequent ferries which connect this area with other spots in the Cyclades and Greece, such as for example, with Anafi, Folegandros, Mykonos, Crete, Paros, and Naxos island among others. This way, it is also easy to notice the facility tourists could have to meet other destinations while being in Hora and Ios as well.

It is also interesting to know that there are bus excursions available to all those tourists who might wish to explore Hora and Ios with guidance. Most of these excursions are available at low prices and can be a great way to fully meet the town and its most important spots or attractions while learning their history and other interesting facts.

Map of Hora in Greece