The charming Katapola

Katapola is not only a very charming and picturesque destination, but also a very important town in the Cyclades due to the fact that it has the main port in the region. This way, this is a very appealing tourist destination and without any doubt one of the first places visitors should meet while being in the Greek Cyclades due to the vaiety of choices it offers and the fact that almost every tourists could find something nice to do no matter what their age or preferences are.

The city of Katapola is situated in the island of Amorgos and its port is its most outstanding characteristic, although it also has several other appealing attractions as well. Besides its attractions, Katapola also counts with a wide variety of facilities and accommodation options from which tourists can opt and surely find a solution suitable to their needs.

The general appearance of Katapola and the first impression it produces is often described as a very charming and picturesque picture. Katapola has many cube shaped houses surrounding narrow streets which often also have flowers and plants at their sides. Besides this, and while walking around the city, tourists could also observe other picturesque elements, such as windmills and antique constructions. Walking around the city is an activity visitors should not miss and must be on the top places on their list.

There are several unique antique constructions tourists could visit in the city of Katapola. Among these constructions or ruins visitors should not miss, there is, per example, the Mycenean cemetery and the Cretan city of Minoa. Both of these spots are near KAtapola’s port and are considered to be among the main attractions of the entire island of Amorgos.

Katapola, also considered as being the main town in Amorgos, counts with several restaurants, cafes, tavernas, hotels, and recreational options. Despite of all these options, one of the most enjoyable activities tourists would find in the city is to actually walk around, observe it picturesque houses and constructions, meet its beautiful bay, and breath a very unique and fresh air this destination offers.

Map of Katapola in Greece