The history of Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the most visited spots in the Greek archipelago of the Cyclades. This destination is very rich in history and counts with several unique antique spots and archeological places to meet as well as it offers a very beautiful environment combined with modern facilities and accommodations. Tourists who visit this town could meet a paradisiacal natural environment, interesting constructions, unique historical elements and spots as well as they could even be able to meet some celebrities since it is not unusual for this town to receive them.

The cosmopolitan island of Mykonos often receives celebrities and tourists should not be surprised of meeting some of them during their visit. This is one of the most glamorous destinations in not only the Cyclades but all Greece, and this is due to the unique way it combines a spectacular natural environment with great modern facilities and outstanding constructions.

Besides its attractive natural sceneries and its glamour, Mykonos also counts with a very interesting past and history. Some archeological discoveries indicate that this spot was already inhabited in the Ionians époque, as long ago as in the 11th century. Besides this, several objects and elements from around 3000 BC were discovered as well, providing interesting new information about what is known as the Neolithic Kares tribe.

Mykonos is also related to some tales from the ancient Greek mythology. According to Greek mythology, the battle between the Giants and Zeus took place in the town of Mykonos. Besides this, the name Mykonos also owes its name to the ancient Greek mythology since this spot was named after a grandson of Apollo.

Real estate in Mykonos has become very expensive as time passed by and it has been gaining more adepts between celebrities. This town has been receiving important amounts of new constructions which may have changed its appearance from what it was some decades ago. But, despite of this, the town’s law indicates that new constructions must be built following the architectural style generally accepted in the Cyclades, due to which the overall appearance of this destination might not be so different from a typical one in the area.

Map of Mykonos in Greece