The beaches of Galissas

Galissas, situated in the Greek archipelago of the Cyclades, is famous by the outstanding beaches it offers. This beach resort place is very beautiful and is a must to all those tourists who visit that area of the Cyclades, especially to those who love the beach and sea related sceneries in general.

The main beach of Galissas is considered one of the most beautiful ones in the entire archipelago of the Cyclades. This beach counts with soft white sands and clear blue waters which combined provide a very appealing and even paradisiacal environment hard to resist for anybody who enjoys relaxing surrounded by a sea landscape.

The tourist or beach resort of Galissas offers a variety of activities and accommodations. No matter what the preferences or age of tourists are, it is often assured that they will surely find something appropriate to their expectations. This spot counts with camping spots, hotels, cafes, restaurants, and several other interesting options available to visitors to chose.

Also, those visitors who like walking around while observing beautiful landscapes would be able to have a great time in Galissas since this resort has a very attractive footpath. Towards the southern area of Galissas, visitors could find this unique footpath which would allow them to relax while walking around and enjoy a unique natural environment.

Galissas is often defined as a cosmopolitan destination due to its essence and the options it offers. This is a very appealing destination in which nature combines in such a way that beauty is present almost everywhere a visitor might go. This way, it is often recommended by people who have met it to try visiting this spot while being in this area of the Cyclades or approaching from far if possible as well.

Besides its natural attractions, there also are several other appealing things to do and meet in Galissas. Among these other appealing attractions, we can name, for example, the Chapel of Stefano, and the Ruins of the Old Fort, situated by the Hill of Pakous. These two constructions are very interesting due to their antique architecture as well as to their unique history and past.

Map of Galissas in Greece