Delos – a central island

Delos is an island situated in the centre of the Greek Cyclades archipelago, near the island of Mykonos. This island is strongly attached to the ancient Greek mythology and all those tourists who enjoy history, archeology and mythology would surely be able to have a great time by meeting it.

According to the ancient Greek mythology, Delos was the birth place of Artemis and Apollo. This way, it is easy to imagine how this spot became a cult centre, and its name can be found in an important amount of mythology related tales. This island is one of the most important regarding Greek mythologies and is often seen as a dreamed destination to many mythology gurus.

The island of Delos was inhabited since as long ago as the third millennium BC, and became a very popular and central spot towards the year 900 BC due to the way it was related to Dyionysus, Apollo, Artemis and Leto. Since then, this spot has been one of the most popular destinations in Greece, and as time passes by tourists keep on showing great interest in it.

Delos is recognized as a World Heritage Place and renown as an extremely rich spot from the point of view of archeology and history. It contains a great amount of interesting spots to visit, and all those tourists who approach this area of the Cyclades should not miss it since it can offer an important amount of things which other destinations couldn’t.

One of the most interesting spots tourists can visit in Delos is the Minoan Fountain. the Minoan Fountain is an ancient public water source which was completed towards the 1st century and shows inscriptions which relate it to the masonry. Another interesting place visitors can meet in this island is the Sacred Lake, which despite of the fact that nowadays is dry, counts with a very rich historical past.

Tourists can also meet several interesting squares and markets during their visit to Delos. Among these squares and markets, we can name per example, the ones situated by the Sacred Harbour located near by a square with antique statues. Also, visitors can meet the Temple of the Delians, which shows a typical Doric style and is very interesting due to the great amount of historical events it has gone through.

Map of Delos in Greece