The seaside village of Aegiali

Aegiali, in the Greek Cyclades, is a very beautiful seaside village full of outstanding beaches and picturesque landscapes. Besides this, Aegiali offers a wide variety of facilities and therefore tourists could be almost sure of finding practically anything they might need while being in this destination.

Aegiali’s cuisine is very appealing too and there are several typical dishes that tourists should not miss, especially those containing Mediterranean fish. Night life at Aegiali is also very nice and those visitors who enjoying going out and partying until late would also be able to have a good time in this city.

It is also often easy to find a hotel or a room in Aegiali since there is several of them spread throughout the city. Despite of this, it is always advisable to ask in advance and count with a reservation whenever it is possible in order to make sure of finding a place where to stay after arriving.

Among the main attractions offered by Aegiali there are its beaches. Aegiali and its surroundings count with many attractive and several outstanding beaches spread throughout the coastline. This way, this destination is also ideal to all those who enjoy the sea, the sand, sunbathing, or practicing beach sports.

One of the most picturesque and peculiar beaches visitors could find in Aegiali and its surrounding area is what is known as Levrossos Beach. Levrossos Beach is a nudist beach which offers great sands and clear waters, although many time tourists who approach to it are driven by curiosity rather than by the natural beauty offered by this area of the coast line.

The seaside village of Aegiali is situated at about 24 kilometers from the main port of Amorgos and the city of Katapola. This spot also offers several amazing beaches and it is highly recommendable that tourists always try to visit it while being in Aegiali, especially those who enjoy being close to the sea. Aegiali can be a great destination to all those who are fond of the sea, the beach, and traditional Greek food, among several other aspects.

Map of Aegiali in Greece