Rafina and its local dishes

Rafina is an attractive town located in the metropolitan area of Athens, near the Mount Pendeti. This destination is different from most of the other spots in Athens due to the fact that its main attractions are not mainly based on antique constructions but on a beautiful environment and amazing local dishes, among others.

The town of Rafina counts with a great variety of dishes and local meals, in such a way that it constantly receives visitors from many spots who approach this destination due to its culinary offer. One of the most interesting local dishes offered by Rafina is the Mareedes which consists on small pieces of fried fish prepared in a particular way.

Fried fish is one of the main ingredients in Rafina’s local food. Besides the mareedes, there also are several other meals prepared with different fried fish, such as per example the kalamarakia and the galeos me skordaya. The Kalamarakia, one of the most typical dishes from Rafina,is prepared with fried squid, while the galeos me skordaya consists on slightly fried shark prepared with a unique garlic sauce. Besides these dishes, there also are several other ones which visitors might wish to try, and therefore it is recommendable to ask and find out which local dishes each restaurant offers.

Besides its local dishes, Rafina allows tourists to enjoy several other things, such as per example a very nice beach. The main beach in Rafina is very long and enjoyable, although it tends to be crowded during weekends. Despite of the eventual crowds, this beach offers tourists the chance to relax and enjoy a different type of destination and landscape while meeting Athens. Whether it is at the beach or at a restaurant, visiting Rafina would always allow tourists to have the chance to relax and have a nice time.

While being in Rafina, visitors can also meet the Cyclades Islands. The Cyclades Islands are at a short distance from Rafina, and there are boats taking people to them in a regular basis. This way, there is a wide variety of interesting options from which to choose while being in Rafina, and all of them imply fun and meeting unique landscapes.

Map of Rafina in Greece