The National Archeological Museum in Athens

One of the most interesting spots tourists should visit in Athens is the National Archeological Museum, a museum dedicated to exhibit many different objects and art work pieces related to ancient Egypt and archeology. The National Archeological Museum is not only one of the main attractions in Athens, but also the main of its kind in Greece and one of the most interesting ones in the entire world.

The National Archeological Museum is home of some of the most interesting and richest collections of ancient Greek art works and other related objects. This way, this museum is spot which tourists who visit Athens should not miss, since while meting it they could observe some art work pieces and objects that are not only unique and peculiar, but describe part of the world’s history and inheritance as well.

The National Archeological Museum was built between 1865 and 1890. It has four main wings and a very interesting architectural design which was originally thought by the architect Ludwig Lange and later modified by other architects such as Panages Kalkos, Harmodios Vlachos, and Ernst Ziller. This way, the actual appearance and design of this museum is the product of a series of changes and a combination of different designs rather than a construction entirely based on one same original design.

Among the many interesting things visitors can meet in the National Archeological Museum of Athens there are sculptures, prehistoric items, bronzes, pottery, minor art, and a variety of other ancient Egyptian art work pieces. Among these objects, tourists could meet some elements which describe and depicture specific historical moments and which have helped scientists figuring out some important aspects about ancient Greece.

It is important to have in mind that the National Archeological Museum of Athens often organizes different special exhibitions and events. Among these events and exhibitions, the National Archeological Museum organizes, per example, lectures on topics related to archeology, a variety of temporary exhibitions, and archeological publications, as well as it is part of the Project TOMBA, a project which aims to create an important Internet database on archeology.