The Monastery of Moni Kaissarianis

The monastery of Moni Kaissarianis is an antique construction which dates from the 11th century and shows some unique characteristics. This monastery attracts visitors from the entire world, and is a must for those tourists who meet Athens, due to the fact that it is counted among the main attractions in the region.

The Moni Kaissarianis Monastery can be found on the hills of the Mount Hymettos, at about 5 km from the Eastern area of Athens, a very short distance. It is important to have in mind that this monastery is situated within a very attractive surrounding, offering a variety of beautiful plants, flowers and trees which provide a unique and perfect environment for meeting the construction.

The place in which the monastery of Moni Kaissarianis is situated is the same where a former Temple dedicated to the Goddess Demeter used to be. That temple was the first construction built in that spot, and was followed by another temple built during the Romans. This way, the monastery of Moni Kaissarianis is the third religious construction built on that same place.

The monastery of Moni Kaissarianis was actually built with material from the former Roman temple, a fact which provides this construction with one of its most attractive characteristics. Besides this, tourists who visit this construction could observe that it has four columns which used to belong to the ancient temple, and give the monastery a unique appearance.

The interior of the monastery is very interesting due to its architecture as well as to several objects and art work pieces it has. Among the most interesting objects visitors could meet in the interior of this monastery there are several amazing art works and frescoes created during the 16th and 17th centuries.

Tourists who visit Athens can easily reach Mount Hymettos and the monastery of Moni Kaissarianis by car or bus. Visitors can walk towards the area of the hill in which the monastery is located and enjoy the amazing nature which surrounds this spot, full of trees and flowers which provide this environment with a great aroma and a very nice fresh air.