The beautiful Sikinos

Sikinos is a very attractive and almost unknown among tourists island in the Greek archipelago of the Cyclades. This island of small size and great beauty, doesn’t receive the usual number of tourists some other islands in the group do, helping this destination’s natural attractive characteristics to remain almost untouched and unchanged.

Due to its characteristic of being almost undiscovered among tourists, the island of Sikinos is a very peaceful destination, ideal for a relaxing vacation. While visiting this spot, tourists can synchronize with the local pace and the relaxed life style the locals share, wether it is sunbathing at one of its amazing beaches or enjoying a tranquil meal at a traditional tavern.

Local people at Sikinos are usually very friendly and welcoming. Due to the fact that this island doesn’t receive great amount of tourists, Sikinos inhabitants still conserve their local language, and many of them can not speak English or other foreign language. This can allow visitors to experience traditional Greek villages in a more complete manner than while being in other destinations.

One of the main things tourists should try in Sikinos is the local meals and wine. This island counts with some amazing traditional dishes as well as a great local wine made by this destination’s inhabitants. This way, going to a local tavern, asking for a traditional meal and Sikinos’ wine is a must for all visitors who come to this destination.

Several centuries ago, in the times of ancient Greece, the island of Sikinos was known as Inos, a word used to locally name the wine. The first settlements of Ionians were established in the island around the 10th century BC, and they were followed by the Dorians who also established some settlements in this spot towards the 9th century BC.

Between the 13th and 16th century, Sikinos was ruled by the Venetians, until the Turks invaded it and took over the control around the year 1570, producing a new turn in the island’s history. The inhabitants of the island fought for their freedom and autonomy until they achieved their independence during the 19th century.

Map of Sikinos in Greece