Livadia – the capital of Viotia

Livadia, also known as Livadeia or Levadia, is the capital of Viotia, in the prefecture of Boeotia, situated in central Greece. Livadia is a picturesque city surrounded by two hills which provide it with a unique and spectacular background. Besides this, this city is full of unique cultural characteristics and traditions which turn it into a very appealing destination.

The city of Livadia is famous by the role it had in what is known as the Revolution of 1821-1828. According to Greek history, this was the spot in which a major strategic action was thought and started, becoming a critical point in the fight against the Turkish invaders.

Livadia is also widely known as being the ancient spot where the Oracle of Zeus Trophinios would be. This spot is one of the main attractions a tourist could find in Livadia and its surroundings, and is very recommendable to learn about the myths related to it before visiting it in order to be able to enjoy it as much as possible.

One of the hills which surround Livadia is called Profitis Ilias, and it is a very attractive spot worth to be visited while being in the city as well. Towards the top of this hill there is a very interesting construction, a typically medieval castle built in the 14th century and which nowadays still conserves many of its original structural characteristics.

The city of Livadia has very fertile lands due to its geographical location, the two hills surrounding it, the amount of water it counts with, and its climate. This way, some of the main economical resources of this spot are based on agriculture and the fruits from its lands. One of the best known products from Livadia is its local wine, which is sold to other regions as well as it is part of the city’s traditional elements.

One of the best moments to visit Livadia is in Easter. During that time of the year, most people in Livadia share meals such as lamb and traditional food such as splinandero or kokoretsi, turning this spot into a very picturesque one. All those tourists who visit the city at that moment could be part of this festivity, enjoying many local meals, music, and dances among several other activities.

Map of Livadia in Greece