Sterea Ellada – Central Greece

Sterea Ellada is the name given to the central periphery of Greece, situated to the south of Thessaly and Epirus, and to the north of Peloponnese and Attica. This periphery is sub-divided in five main prefectures called Boeotia, Phthiotis, Euboea, Evrytania, and Phocis, and counts with a variety of villages and towns rich in traditions and history.

Tourists who visit this region could meet many different interesting towns at each one of the prefectures. Within Evrytania, they could meet, for example, Meyalo Chorio, Agios Nikolaos, Agrafa, and Karpenisi; while being in Euboea they could visit Agios Loukas, Aleveri, Lomni, Psakhna, and Chalkida among others; if they visit Photis they could meet Polidraso, Desafina or Amfissa; if they go to Phthiotis they could visit Lamia, Kamena Vourla or Malesina; and if they meet the prefecture of boeotia they could visit Thiva, Pili, Paralia Avlidas and Livadia among several other cities.

The prefecture of Boeotia, one of the most visited spots in the region, counts with several charming and picturesque towns and villages. These spot is ideal to all those visitors who enjoy meeting traditional towns as well as to those who like being close to the coastline since it counts with beautiful beaches and related landscapes.

Evritania, another great area in Sterea Ellada, also offers a variety of attractions and counts with several great reasons by which tourists should not miss it while being in the region. This destination counts with an amazing country side, full of beautiful green areas and unique landscapes as well as a perfect climate which invites to walk around and spend as much time as possible out doors. Besides its country side, Evritania also counts with picturesque villages in which visitors could observe antique stone houses and a charming environment.

The region of Sterea Ellada is characterized by being one of the most mountainous areas in Greece. It offers a rather dry climate, with template temperatures towards its coasts. This way, the climate of this region usually becomes another plus to the advantages it offers, turning it into a very welcoming and pleasant destination.

Map of Sterea Ellada in Greece