Patitiri – capital of Alonissos

Patitiri is the capital town of Alonissos’ island, located within the Greek archipelago of the Sporades. Besides this, Patitiri is also the administrative and commercial center of the island, and is built in such a way that it seems to be a wall that surrounds it. This town is very interesting from a variety of points of view and is used to receive many tourists who wish to relax at beautiful beaches, as well as others who wish to meet historical and folkloric places, or others who wish to find exciting activities and a lively night life.

The name of this town, Patritiri, was how the main winepresses in the area used to be called, a denomination that later spread to the rest of the region. These winepresses used to be the main economical resources for the inhabitants of the island, although nowadays tourism has taken their place.

The town of Patitiri combines many of its antique traditions and typical cultural aspects with the commodities and facilities of modern life. These aspects are combined in such a way that visitors can feel comfortable and find everything they might need at the same time of enjoying a place full of traditions, history, and mainly unspoiled natural beauty.

Those visitors who wish to learn as much as possible about the town’s past and culture should not miss the Private Folkloric Museum of Kostas and Angela Mavriki. When visiting this museum, tourists could learn interesting facts and observe objects that are typical and traditional in not only this town but the entire island as well.

The traditional cuisine of Patitiri is another aspect of this town tourists should not miss. While being in this destination, visitors can try unique sea food and fish dishes accompanied with local wines while enjoying an amazing view over the coastline and its beaches.

Patitiri is attractive not only to those who wish to enjoy the historical and cultural aspects of the destination, but also to those who wish to go out at night and meet exciting places. Patitiri has a variety of bars and pubs where visitors can have fun and dance with local people, being this, another experience that tourists should not miss.

Map of Patitiri in Greece