The Retezat Mountains

The Retezat Mountains are among the most impressing natural destinations tourists could meet during a vacation in Romania. These mountains are part of what is known as the Southern Carpathians and are considered to be the highest massifs in the entire country, with its highest peak, called Peleaga, reaching the 2508 meters.

Besides the mountains themselves, this area of Romania counts with several other natural elements which, when observed as a whole, provide an amazingly beautiful and unique landscape. The Retezat Mountains are partly covered with glacial lakes and green areas, offering a sight that often causes visitors to become completely amazed.

The Retezat Mountains are the only National Park this country has, and are, without any doubt, one of the most beautiful spots visitors could meet in it. The spectacular scenery this area of Transylvania offers attracts visitors from around the world on a constant basis, and is therefore a must for all those tourists who choose this region of Romania for a vacation.

It might also be interesting to know that the Retezat Mountains are located near several towns, such as, for example, Deva and Petrosani. This way, while being in these towns, tourists could easily reach this destination and even as part of a guided tour if they wish so since there are many of them conducted from a variety of nearby cities.

Towards the eastern part of the Retezat Mountains, visitors would be able to find the Peleaga Peak, as well as the Galesu Pond and the Closed Gates, a very impressing passage. Towards the northern part of this massif, there is the Bucura Lake and a camp site as well as a very attractive caldera.

The Western side of the Retezat Mountains also counts with several spectacular spots, such as, for example, the central area of the National Park, with unspoiled and wild green areas. It might be important to know that in order to be able to have access to this area tourists will need to count with a pass. Besides this, rock climbers might also be able to meet several other impressing spots, but it is not recommended to try to reach them without guidance.

Map of the Retezat Mountains in Romania