Bacau and the Carpathian Mountains

Bacau is the capital city of the Romanoian County of same name. This city is located next to the Carpathian Mountains, near the area where the Siret River and the Bistrita River meet, and at approximately 300 kilometers from Bucharest. When they visit this city during a vacation in Romania, tourists will be able to find a variety of interesting antique constructions and entertaining activities which would ensure them of having a nice time regardless of their age or preferences.

The origins of Bacau as a city can be traced back to beginnings of the 15th century. It is believed that this city was called Bacau in honor to an important medieval Hungarian man, named Bako, who would have built the first construction of this city. That first construction was an inn, built with the purpose of providing a place where travelers could rest while being on their way to far destinations. Several other constructions were built around this inn, and slowly a town started being formed, being this the origin of the actual Bacau.

The city of Bacau has a territory of approximately 40 km2 and a population of about 210,500 inhabitants. Tourists who wish to visit this city after other destinations such as Timisoara or Bucharest could easily do so since it counts with its own international airport providing daily transportation to several cities in Romania as well as many other European spots, such as Germany and Italy.

The economy of Bacau is based on several different resources, among which services and tourism occupy a very important place. This city is considered to be one of the most important economic centers of the entire region of Moldova, and its airport and several routes intersections cause it to be a very active and lively spot all the year.

The city of Bacau has been the birth home place of several famous Romanians. Among the famous people who were born in Bacau, we can name, for example, the poet George Bacovia, the poet Vasile Alecsandri, the politician Lucretiu Patrascanu, the communist activist Scarlat Callimachi, the explorer Teodor Negoita, and Angela Alupei among many others.