The historic Sighisoara

Sighisoara is a Romanian city as well as a municipality located within the County of Mures, in Transylvania, which has an area, known as Central Sighisoara, declared as a World Heritage site by the UNESCO. This destination counts with a very interesting history as well as a variety of antique constructions and is a spot which all those tourists who are fond of disciplines such as architecture or history should not miss during their vacation in Romania.

According to historians, Sighisoara was already inhabited as long ago as in the 3rd century BC. The experts on the subject affirm that during that époque, this region of Romania was inhabited by Dacians, and Sighisoara was known as Sandova. After that, and towards the 2nd century, this city became known as home of an important Imperial Roman Castrum.

Towards beginnings of the 12th century, Sighisoara started becoming a city after a group of merchants and business men from German origin settled in this region by invitation of the King of Hungary. Towards beginnings of the 14th century, those settlers gave Sighisoara the name of Schespurk, and a few decades later, around the year 1340, this spot became a royal center and was named as an urban settlement.

Since the 14th century, and for several centuries, Sighisoara became a very important commercial center and played a major role in the commercialization and trading of products with the rest of Europe. During that époque, this destination was often visited by business men and craftsmen from many different parts of Europe, and the economy of this city became so active that the city became one the wealthiest centers of Romania.

Nowadays, the antique centre of the city, known as Central Sighisoara, still conserves many of its medieval buildings and characteristics in such a way that is often recognized as a perfect example of a medieval fortified city. Tourists might find interesting to know that there is a Medieval Festival held at this city every July, turning that time of the year into the best moment for visiting it and experience the traditions of that époque in a unique way.

Map of Sighisoara in Romania