The Bran Castle

The Bran Castle is one of the most iconic and famous constructions as well as one of the main tourist attractions in not only Transylvania but the entire Romania as well. This way, this construction is one of the most visited spots for all those tourists who during their vacation in Romania wish to meet interesting buildings, and is a must for all those who visit Transylvania.

Although the Bran Castle is famous as Dracula’s Castle, there is not evidence that Vlad III Dracula, or Vlad III the Impaler has ever lived in it. But despite of that fact, one of the main reasons, if not the main, by which tourists approach to this construction is relation with Dracula, stimulated through the cinematography and a variety of legends, has surrounded this castle with mystery and a special appealing which turns it into one of the most attractive Romanian spots for tourists of all ages.

The Bran Castle was built at beginnings of the 13th century, more exactly around the year 1210, by the Teutonic Knights. During its life, the Bran Castle has been owned by several different people, such as for example Queen Marie. When Queen Marie died, her daughter, the Princess Ileana inherited but lost it around the year 1949 when the Communist government declared itself the owner.

After the Romanian Revolution of 1989, this castle became owned by Dominic von Habsburg (son of Princess Ileana) although it is considered a tourist attraction and is open to visitors. This way, visitors can be sure of being able to meet this construction and visit its interior as well as its exterior, and visit it as part of a guided tour if they wish to learn about it as well.

Visitors who wish to meet the interior of the Bran Castle should ask at a local tourist information center about opening hours and guided tours. Besides its interior, it is recommendable to observe with attention the exterior, since due to its unique architecture and its peculiar surroundings it is very interesting and often causes a strong impression while approaching to it.

Street View from the Bran Castle in Romania