Sebes, in Alba County

Sebes, also known as Szazsebes or Muhlbach, is a very interesting Romanian city located towards the southern area of Transylvania, within the Alba County. The origin of the name of this city, Sebes, is Hungarian and makes reference to a river that flows throughout a city. The other name this city has, Muhlbach, has its origins on a German word which describes the mills that can be found next to the river.

The city of Sebes is one of the most interesting spots tourists can visit in Transylvania during a vacation in Romania. This city is located on the valley of the Mures River and near the River of Sebes, and can be easily reached from several points since two major Romanian highways lead to it: the E81 Route, and the E68 Route.

Sebes is administrated by the County of Alba Iulia, along with other three main towns or villages called Lancrem, Petresti, and Rahau. All these villages are located near Sebes, at no more than 6 kilometers of distance maximum, and therefore tourists could easily visit them in a day tour.

According to historians, the first inhabitants of Sebes were a group of Dacians who gave birth to this spot as a village. After that, Sebes became part of the Roman Empire and later it became controlled by the Kingdom of Hungary. Towards the 12th century, this city became home of a group of Transylvanian Saxons settlers, and during that époque and the following centuries, several fortifications and important constructions were built.

Despite of the fortifications built in the city, around the year 1440 it became invaded and occupied by the Ottoman Empire. Sebes did not become a formal part of Romania until the year 1918, when it became administered by this country and had its first mayor, Lionel Blaga.

Nowadays, Sebes counts with prosperous economy which often receives foreign investments and exports leather and wood products to several countries. As a whole, this is a very appealing city, full of historical constructions and attractive spots which cause it to be considered among the main tourist destinations in Romania.

Map of Sebes in Romania