The charming Hateg

Hateg is a charming town located within the Hunedoara Cunty, in Transylvania, and a destination which tourists should not miss during their vacation in Romania. Hateg also counts with an island of same name and which is famous by the fact that during the Cretaceous era it would be home of dinosaurs of a particularly small size.

Archaeologists have discovered a variety of interesting elements and objects in the Hateg Island, many of which allow them to affirm that it used to be home of a rare small specie of dinosaurs. Despite of the fact that this small dinosaurs are the most renown in relation with the island, Hateg has also been home of a variety of dinosaurs and other animals of different sizes as well.

According to the experts on the subject, the Island of Hateg would have been home of up to ten different species of dinosaurs. Among these species of dinosaurs, we can name the Elopteryx Nopcsai, the Telmatosaurus Transylvanicus, the Megalosaurus Hungaricus, the Hatzegopteryx Thambema, the Struthiosaurus Transylvanicus, the Magyarosaurus Dacus, and the Rhabdodon Priscus.

A famous paleontologist, Franz Nopcsa, affirms that the Island of Hateg used to have some elements he would call “limited resources” and which would reduce the size of animals, explaining this way the rare small size of dinosaurs that would have existed in it. The theory of this paleontologist is known as the “theory of insular dwarfism”, and is one of the most accepted explanations for the rare size of dinosaurs that would inhabit in this island.

Besides its interesting relation with archaeology, Hateg also counts with several other attractions, such as unique antique constructions and beautiful natural spots. As it can be seen, Hateg is a very peculiar and appealing destination which counts with a unique combination of attractions. This destination counts with attractions that are not only unique but also appealing for visitors of all ages and preferences, since usually the youngest members of a family have as much fun during their visit to Hateg as the oldest, and is therefore a great destination for a family vacation.

Map of Hateg in Romania