Visiting Cluj Napoca

Cluj Napoca, also known as Klausenburg, Claudiopolis, and Kolozsvar, is one of the main cultural, economic, and industrial centers in Romania. This destination offers a great amount of attractions and interesting spots to visit, and is one of the most appealing cities tourists could meet in a vacation in Romania.

According to the experts, the origins of Cluj Napoca can be traced back to the 2nd century, when a legion base was established in this area of Transylvania by the Trajans. A few centuries after, the town known as Napoca was officially named as a municipality, with the name Municipium Aelium Hadrianum Napoca.

During the times of Marcus Aurelius, this region was declared to be a colony, and not long after that, it became known as the capital of the Provincia Porolissensis. But despite of all the prosperity this city had for several centuries, during what is known as the Migrations Period it was almost entirely destroyed and deserted.

Towards endings of the 13th century, the Roman ruins of Napoca became the base of a new settlement established by the Transylvanian Saxons. This settlement became known as Klasenburg, a term of German origins which can be translated as “mountain passage”. Around the year 1540, the city of Cluj was named as part of the independent Principality of Transylvania, and became the most important religious and cultural center in the region.

Cluj Napoca has been the home of an important number of famous people. Among the famous people who was born or lived in Cluj Napoca, we can name, for example, the novelist and politician Miklos Banffy, the Prince of Transylvania Stephen Bocskay, the Prime Minister of Hungary Deszo Banffy, the philosopher Lucian Blaga, the politician Corneliu Coposu, and the scientist Alexandru Borza, among many others.

IT might be interesting to know that Cluj Napoka is famous in not only Transylvania but the entire Romania due to the quality IT specialists it has. This city is home of more than 100 software companies as well as it counts with two excellent universities to which students from many different origins approach in order to study engineering as well as many other disciplines.

Map of Cluj Napoca in Romania