The Apuseni Mountains

The Apuseni Mountains is a mountain range that is part of the Western Carpathians and is located within the Romanian region of Transylvania. These mountains offer not only spectacular sceneries but also several attractive spots such as up to 400 caves, offering this way a very exciting destination to all those tourists who are brave enough to visit and scale them during their vacation in Romania.

The Apuseni Mountains are divided in four different main groups. The first main group is known as the Mures Mountains and is composed by two main smaller groups: the Metalliferous Mountains or Muntii Metaliferi, and the Zarand Mountains or Muntii Zarandului.

A second large group of mountains tourists would be able to find in this destination is the Bihor Massif or Masivul Bihor. The Bihor Massif is composed by four different smaller groups of mountains: the Vladeasa Mountains or Muntii Muntele Mare, the Gilau Mountains or Muntii Gilaului, the Bihor Mountains or Muntii Bihorului, and the Vladeasa Mountains or Muntii Vladeasa.

The third large group of mountains of the Apuseni range is known as the Ses Meses Mountains or Muntii Ses Mesesului. This large group of mountains is divided in four smaller subgroups: the Ses Mountain or Mountele Ses, the Simleu Mountains or Muntii Simleu, the Simleu Depression or Depresiunea Simleu, and the Meses Mountains or Muntii Mesesului.

The last group of Mountains the Apuseni range has is the Cris Mountains or Muntii Crisului and is divided in three subgroups or different areas. The three different areas that compose the Cris Mountains are: the Forest of the King or the Padurea Craiului, the Cris Hills or Dealurile Crisene, and the Codru Moma Mountains or Muntii Codru Moma.

This destination is often described as one of the most peculiar and interesting sites visitors could find in the entire Romania. It counts with a very attractive combination of mountains, fauna and flora, and is considered by the Romanians as one of their most important natural reserves. Besides the mountains and natural spots, visitors could also meet several attractive towns and spots located nearby this destination, such as for example Brad and its Gold Museum, Garda, Albac, and Ariseni.

Map of the Apuseni Mountains in Romania