The charming island of Minorca

Minorca, one of the Balearic Islands in Spain, is a very appealing destination which offers many interesting and fun activities as well as a variety of unique places and spots to meet. This island is also recognized to be among the less unchanged and uninfluenced ones by the human hand in the group, a factor which provides it with a very special charm very hard to find repeated.

The territory of Minorca is of about 52 kilometers long and 15 kilometers wide. This territory contains a variety of different areas and landscapes, such as woods, green areas, beautiful beaches and a variety of other sea related spots which allow visitors to be sure of enjoying and having a great time no matter what their preferences are.

The capital town of Minorca is Mahon. Mahon has many restaurants, cafes and pubs in which tourists can enjoy a local meal or have a drink while relaxing and meeting people from the island that would surely be willing to share some information and tips on this destination and on which places to visit among other things. This island and its people are very friendly and tourists would surely have a great time while visiting it.

Mahon shows a wide amount of houses in Georgian style. These houses where built during the British occupation and therefore are part of the town’s past and history. Besides these houses, Mohan also has many other interesting constructions, and it is recommendable that tourists approach a tourist information center in order to learn which they are and how to go to them.

Another interesting town in Minorca is Ciutadella. Ciutadella, located towards the western area of the island, has a very attractive port which provides this spot with a very peculiar environment. This area has several Baroque and Gothic constructions which tourists who approach to this city should not miss. Another spot near by Ciutadella is the Naveta dels Tudons. The Naveta deld Tudons has a unique cathedral which is very interesting due to its peculiar structure as well as to the prehistoric objects exhibited in its interior.

Map of Minorca in Spain