Neamt County, in Moldavia

The Neamt County is located within the Romanian region of Moldavia, towards the northern area of the country. The capital city of this county is Piatra Neamt, but it also has several other interesting towns and cities which tourists should try not to miss meeting while being in that region of the country during a vacation in Romania.

The Cunty of Neamt covers a land area of approximately 5,900 km2 and has a population of around 560,000 inhabitants. This county can be located to the east of the Harghita County, to the north of the Bacau County, to the South of the Suceava County, and to the west of the Iasi County. Besides this, it might also be interesting to know that this county counts with some mountains part of the Eastern Carpathians, such as for example the Mount Ceahlau with a height of over 1800 meters.

The economy of this county is based on a variety of activities and products, among which we can name textile industry, construction materials, chemical industry, mechanical parts, and food industry among others. Besides these activities, tourism is other important resource for the inhabitants of this county, and the area of services is very developed in such a way that visitors could find anything they need to be comfortable.

Neamt County has the peculiarity of being the area which concentrates more monasteries per km2 in the entire world. This way, tourists who enjoy meeting antique and peculiar religious buildings would surely be able to have a great time during their visit to this region of Romania. One of the most interesting religious buildings visitors would find in the Neamt County is the Neamt Monastery, a building which has been used as an inspiration source for the construction of many others in the area.

The County of Neamt has an important amount of tourist attractions. Among the most visited attractions this county has, we can name, for example, the Monastery of Varatec, the Monastery of Pangarati, the Monastery of Secu, the Monastery of Agapia, the Monastery of Bistrita, the medieval fortifications of Piatra Neamt, the Sihastria Monastery, the Durau Ski Resort, the National Park of Ceahlau, and the Bicaz Canyon, also known as Cheile Bicazului.