Curtea de Arges

The city of Curtea de Arges is part of the Romanian region of Wallachia and an attractive destination which tourists should try to meet during their vacation in Romania. This city can be found in the Arges County, on the River Arges and towards the Fagaras Mountains, also known as the Lower Carpathians.

Between beginnings of the 20th and the 21st centuries, the population of Curtea de Arges has shown a very fast increase in such a way that in that period of time the city passed from being inhabited by about 4,200 people to more than 32,500. This growth is very interesting, especially when knowing the fact that this is one of the oldest cities in Romania.

The origins of Curtea de Arges as a city can be traced back to the 14th century. During that century, Curtea de Arges was founded by Radu Negru, a Wallachian Prince. A short time after being officially founded, this city was named capital of Wallachia, taking the place Campulung used to occupy.

When visiting this city, tourists would have the chance to meet several interesting antique constructions, such as, for example, the Cathedral of Curtea de Arges. The Curtea de Arges Cathedral is considered to be one of the most interesting and renown constructions in Romania. This construction was built at beginnings of the 16th century in honor to Saint Nicholas, combining Moorish elements with an overall Byzantine style. Besides this, it is interesting to know that it shows a very peculiar design and general appearance, offering an oblong shape with annexes and a central dome, which as a whole causes it to look similar to a mausoleum.

Other interesting construction tourists could meet in Curtea de Arges is the Royal Church or Biserica Domneasca. The Royal Church of Curtea de Arges was constructed in the 14th century by request of the famous Mircea Cel Batran, one of the most renowned rulers of Walachia and all Romania. This construction offers a structure and appearance similar to a fortress, and counts with the peculiarity of being connected by catacombs to a tower located on a close by hill.

Map of Curtea de Arges in Romania