The Olt Valley

The Olt Valley, in the Olt County is located within the Romanian Plain, in the region of Wallachia, and more specifically in Oltenia. This valley is very attractive from the point of view of geography and natural beauty, due to the way in which it combines green extensions, with a variety of small channels, ponds, and two rivers. This way, this destination is a great choice for all those tourists who wish to have a vacation in Romania at a place that offers not only interesting attractions but beautiful natural sceneries as well.

The economy of the Olt Valley is based on a wide variety of resources, among which, we can name, for example, railway industry, mechanical components industry, food industry, metallurgy and aluminum, and textile industry. But besides this, a very important percentage of the population of the Olt Valley base their income on agriculture related activities, as well as the resources of many others depend on tourism and activities related to it.

Tourists who visit the Olt Valley could meet several interesting attractions, such as, for example, the town of Scornicesti. The town of Scornicesti was where Nicolae Ceausescu was born and counts with several interesting historical constructions and spots. Besides this, and also in the Olt Valley, visitors could meet the city of Slatina, which was officially founded at beginnings of the 14th century and is a place which all those tourists who enjoy disciplines such as history, architecture, design and anthropology would surely enjoy meeting.

There are several interesting communes, towns and cities spread throughout the Olt Valley and its surroundings. Some of these communes and towns are: Potcoava, Bals, Draganesti, Babiciu, Barza, Dobrun, Gura, Iancu Jianu, Poboru, Sus, Icoana, Jos, Studina, Orlea, Corabia, and Piatra Olt. It is recommendable that tourists try to visit as many of these towns as possible since each one of them offers unique attractions and is worthwhile being visited.

One of the main attractions offered by the Olt Valley is its natural beauty. In this region of Romania, tourists would be able to observe amazing landscapes composed by a mixture of mountains with the river, as well as cliffs which often impress even the most adventurous visitors.