Visiting Targu Jiu

Targu Jiu, capital city of the Corj County, is located in the Romanian region known as the Southern Sub Carphathian Hills, and more exactly in Oltenia. Despite of the fact that this city was officially recognized as such less than 50 years ago, around 1960, it has gone through a very fast population growth and has become a very active and attractive spot which tourists should try to meet during their vacation in Romania.

One of the main factors that contributed to the fast population growth of Targu Jiu is the activity of coal mining and the production of derivates. This city has become into one of the main coal sources of Wallachia, being this considered the main source of income for the inhabitants of this city.

Besides coal mining, Targu Jiu counts with several other industries and exports a variety of different products. Among the main industries of Targu Jui, we can name, for example, textile industry, glassware materials, wood related industries, construction materials, and machine building, among several others.

One of the most interesting historical moments in the short life of Targu Jiu took place during World War II. During World War II, Targu Jiu was used as a detention camp for a variety of political prisoners. Nowadays, this town still has several constructions and spots related to such times and which tourists could visit if they are interested on the subject.

It might also be interesting to know that, according to historians and experts, many centuries ago this city used to be a Roman settlement. This way, and although the antiquity of this city as such and as is known nowadays only dates from a few decades ago, it counts with a very antique history and probably a variety of interesting facts have taken place in it.

The best time of the year to visit Targu Jiu is in May or September, such as when visiting most inland areas in Romania, since in June and August these tend to have very high temperatures and some tourists might feel uncomfortable. Despite of the fact that during winter time, this destination can show very low temperatures, it might also be an enjoyable time to visit it and observe some of the nearby snowy mountainous landscapes.

Map of Targu Jiu in Romania