Scornicesti, in Olt Country

Scornicesti is a city located within the Romanian region of Olt County and which counts with the peculiarity of being divided in 13 villages. Besides this, this city also counts with the particularity of being the birth town of Nicolae Ceausescu. Nicolae Ceausescu lived in this city for his first 11 years of life, until he decided to move to Bucharest with the aim of becoming a shoemaker.

The city of Scornicesti counts with many spots and constructions related to the antique as well as the recent history of Romania, and therefore is a destination which all those tourists who are fond of disciplines such as history, anthropology, or archaeology should not miss during their vacation in Romania, especially when visiting Wallachia.

During his dictatorship, Ceausescu planned to turn Scornicesti into what he would call a “model town”. In order to achieve this, Ceausescu demolished most of the traditional village houses of the town and constructed apartment buildings in their place. It is interesting to know that these apartment buildings were planned to be for 10 families who would all share one same kitchen. Besides this, he also constructed a stadium for 30,000 spectators supporting the local team in such a way that it became part of Divizia A.

During his remodeling activities in Scornicesti, Ceausescu did not demolish his own homebirth house, and therefore it is among the few traditional constructions tourists could still meet in this city. This house is located towards the northern end of the town, and although it is not formally open to the public, it is said that sometimes Ceausescu’s sister allows visitors to enter.

All those tourists who plan on visiting this town should have in mind that the best way to reach it is by car, although they might find a few bus services connecting it with other destinations. When going by car, visitors would be able to find the city going to the west by the Pitesti Craiova road. In case of having any doubts, it is very recommendable to ask for guidance or help at a local tourist information center.

Map of Scornicesti in Romania