Costa de la Luz – Andalusia

Costa de la Luz, meaning coast of light, is a city located towards the western area of Andalusia, on the coast line, offering attractive beaches along with several other appealing characteristics. One of the main activities tourists practice while visiting this town and its beaches is wind surfing due to the way in which some times, winds turn this area of the Atlantic Ocean into an ideal spot for this sport.

The coast in Costa de la Luz is usually divided in two main areas called the Costa de la Luz from Cadiz Province and Costa de la Luz from Huelva Province. Costa de la Luz from Cadiz Province is the area which goes from the Mediterranean Sea to the River Guadalquivir, while Costa de la Luz from Huelva Province goes from the River Guadalquivir to the Parque Doñada area, towards the frontier with Portugal.

One of the most attractive areas tourists can visit in Costa de la Luz is the Calle Facinas or Facinas Road. This road was created as a Roman highway and goes through the Parque Natural de los Alcornocales, a beautiful national park which allows those who walk through its road to relax and forget about everything else than the environment which surrounds them. Besides this, this road also allows visitors to meet some interesting spots and Roman ruins on their way.

Those visitors who enjoy the beach would be able to have a great time in costa de la Luz due to the variety of amazing beaches it offers. One of the most beautiful spots offered by this coastline is the Playa de Bolonia or Bolonia Beach. Bolonia Beach combines soft white sand with clear oceanic waters in a unique way in such a way that people can enjoy spending time into the water and swimming as well as sun bathing and enjoying the landscape.

Another interesting attraction offered by Costa de la Luz is the Jimena International Music Festival. This music festival takes place every year during July, and attracts musicians and spectators from several different origins and preferences, due to the fact that a variety of different musical styles are sponsored by this festival and visitors could enjoy some jazz or classical music as well as some rock or tap.

Map of Costa de la Luz in Spain