Visiting the city of Cádiz

The city of Cádiz is located towards the southern area of Spain, within the region of Andalusia. This city, which is the capital of the province of Cádiz, is specifically located in a peninsula which gives shape to a bay, the Bay of Cádiz and which is part of what is known as the Gulf of Cádiz.

Originally, Cádiz was called Gadir or Gadira, which means walled city in Phoenician. During this époque when it was founded, which is said to be around the IX BC century, the city of Cádiz was a strategic spot for commercial activities between the Phoenicians and Tartessos.

Cádiz is one of the oldest cities in Western Europe, and therefore it is easy to imagine the great amount of interesting spots and antique constructions it has. One of these constructions is the Catedral de Cádiz or Cathedral of Cádiz. The construction of this Cathedral took around 115 years and shows a very interesting baroque structure mixed with some elements characteristic of other styles as well.

Another interesting antique spot tourists can meet in this town is the Gran Teatro Falla, a theater built between the years 1885 and 1905 over the same spot where a former Gran Teatro used to be. This theater is built in a Mudejar style and is an attraction not only due to its structure but to the plays it offers as well.

The Torre Tavira or Tavira Tower is another place tourists should try to visit while being in Cádiz. This tower is the tallest one visitors could find in the entire city. The Tavira Tower has a special spot located towards its upper area, called the Camera Oscura, from which visitors can enjoy an amazing view over the Old City and the surroundings.

The Calle Ancha, meaning broad road, is another interesting area located in the city of Cádiz. This road starts towards the Plaza de San Antonio and is one of the central spots of the city. While visiting the Calle Ancha, tourists could meet a variety of historic cafes as well as many restaurants and shops of different kind.

Map of Cádiz in Spain