Trujillo and its attractions

Trujillo, in the Spanish region of Extremadura, is a town of small size but full of interesting things to meet. This city’s origins can be traced back to the XIII century when the original walled town was built, where several famous conquerors, such as Francisco Pizarro, and other historical personalities would later be born.

Due to the several conquests it has gone through, the town of Trujillo has been populated for a variety of different inhabitants. This way, Romans, Celts, Moors and Christians have lived and inhabited this town through different periods of time, letting their mark in its culture, traditions, architecture and appearance in such a way that it is a very peculiar and unique spot.

Just like most Spanish towns, Trujillo has a central main square or Plaza Mayor iconic to the town’s culture and traditions. One of the most interesting spots visitors can meet while being in this square is a house or palace constructed by request of Pizarro, located towards the south western side of the square. Pizarro originally sent the money asking for a church, but his family decided to build a palace instead, a palace which would later turn into one of the main attractions of the town.

Trujillo’s castle or the Castillo de Trujillo is another main attraction offered by this spot. This castle, located towards the hilltop, is very interesting from the point of view of history as well as from the point of view of architecture. The Castle of Trujillo was built by the Arabs on the area where the original Roman fortress used to be, and nowadays allows its visitors to walk through its corridors as well as enjoy some of the most amazing views on the surroundings a person could have.

The Iglesia de Santa Maria or Santa Maria Church is not only the largest religious building in Trujillo, but also one of the oldest and most interesting from an architectonic point of views as well. This church shows a Gothic structure mixed with several elements and ornaments from the Renaissance, and it is a must for those tourists who enjoy architecture, arts and history. Within the interior of this building, visitors could observe art works pieces such as paintings from Fernando Gallego.

Map of Trujillo in Spain