Cáceres and some of its history

The town of Cáceres has been strongly marked by the Roman époque, and this can be easily noticed through the town’s constructions and overall appearance which shows a unique mixture of elements from such period combined with modern life ones. This town, located within the region of Extremadura, is seen as the capital city of the region of Upper Extremadura.

Cáceres is characterized by being a town which has always been updated and following the last trends of the époques it has gone through. This way, Cáceres has been seen by the region as a leader regarding several aspects such as, for example, the industry world. The town of Cáceres produces clothes, leather, and cork among many other things which are distributed not only throughout the region but to several other countries as well.

Besides the Roman times, there also are several other époques which have had a strong influence on Cáceres. One of these époques was based on the battles between the Christians and the Moors, which provided the town with a unique mixture of architectonic styles and constructions. The period of time in which the town was mainly inhabited by Muslims has left its mark as well and several constructions as well as about 30 towers from such period can be still observed throughout Cáceres.

During the year 29 BC a Roman wall was built in this spot, some of which can still be seen to the date, being one of the main attractions of not only the town but the entire region as well. After the construction of this wall, the town became a fortress which would then receive different additions provided by the different conquerors that lived in it.

Within the XV and XVI centuries, the town of Cáceres received several new constructions which, again, would change its overall appearance. Although there were an important amount of new constructions, among these constructions we can remark, per example, many stone houses. In many cases, these stone houses were built in replacement of antique palaces, showing a different appearance despite of the fact that most of the times they would follow the same lineaments than the palaces.

Map of Cáceres in Spain