The antique castle of Zafra

The Castle of Zafra, built during the XV century, still shows most of its original elements and features being one of the most interesting constructions tourists could meet in the region of Extremadura. This way, those tourists who enjoy architecture, design and history should not miss this town while being in this area of Spain due to not only this castle but several other constructions as well which together turn this city into one of the most appealing of the region.

The town of Zafra is located towards the lower area of Extremadura, at about 100 miles north from Seville and 40 miles south of Mérida. This town is locally known as the white city due to its peculiar white walls. Besides its antique castle, Zafra also has several other amazing constructions and charming spots worthwhile for visitors to visit.

Zafra’s castle was built within 1450 and 1460 by request of the Dukes of Feria. One of the most interesting areas within this castle is its patio, which looks almost the same way that when it was just constructed. Another interesting area within the castle is the Golden Room or Sala Dorada which shows a very peculiar ceiling and is very rich in history as well.

The Plaza Mayor or main square of Zafra is another spot tourists should not miss in this town. Zafra’s Plaza Mayor was constructed in the XVIII century next to what today is called the Old Square or Plaza Vieja which dates from the XVI century. This area is one of the most beautiful ones of the town as well as one of the richest from a historic and artistic point of view.

The Church of Nuestra Señora de Candelaria is another great place visitors can meet while being in Zafra. This church shows a very peculiar mixture of Renaissance and gothic styles in a unique way. The Chapel of Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria, which has elements designed by Churriguera, is very interesting as well and tourists should walk around this construction and take their time to observe its structure and ornaments.

Map of Zafra in Spain