The city of Córdoba

Córdoba is one of the most attractive towns in the Spanish region of Andalusia, towards the southern area of the country. This town offers an important amount of antique constructions as well as several other tourist attractions along with any facility a visitors could need. This town is among the most visited spots in the region, and it is a must to those visitors who enjoy meeting spots full of antique constructions and interesting historic past.

The city of Córdoba was founded around the year 170 BC by the Romans. One next important event in the town’s history happened in 710 AD, when it was taken by Muslim invaders. Towards the year 929 AD, this town and its surroundings entered into a state of anarchy, and towards the year 1236 Fernando III started controlling it and became its ruler.

One of the main attractions offered by Córdoba is its Mezquita. This Mezquita dates from more than 1200 when it was built by the Muslims, and can be easily reached by following the town’s old Roman Bridge which is another attraction by itself. Towards the XIV century, and for an important amount of time, the building became a Cathedral. Nowadays it still functions as a religious building and is one of the main attractions of not only Córdoba but the entire region of Andalusia as well.

One of the best times of the year for visiting Córdoba is in the first weeks of March. During these weeks, tourists can enjoy the Festival de los Patios, a traditional celebration during which most of the homes in the town open their doors exhibiting their gardens and flowers to the public. It is very recommendable that those who intend to visit Córdoba during this time of the year book a hotel room in advance since the town receives a great amount of tourists during these weeks.

Another interesting attraction tourists should consider when meeting Córdoba is the Al Andalus Train Tour. This train tour stops in Córdoba and takes people into a great tour throughout the region, showing them many of the main attractions in the area and some of the most interesting historical spots.

Map of Córdoba in Spain