The beautiful Granada

Granada is very attractive destination located in the Spanish region of Andalusia, by the Sierra Nevada Mountains. This town, built at about 740 meters above sea level, is full of appealing spots and unique constructions along with interesting traditions and a very peculiar population.

The city of Granada shows a varied population composed by not only Spanish but also people from several other origins, in such a way that diversity has become on of its main characteristics. This way, while visiting this town tourists could meet people and traditions from Spain as well as from several other origins and enjoy not only dishes traditional from Spain but also from other countries.

One of the main attractions in the entire region of Andalusia is located in this town: the Alhambra. The Alhambra is a palace which, throughout its history has had boundaries with the Christians, the Muslims and the Jewish in such a way that people from a variety of different religions and from all over the world approach to Granada attracted by this construction.

El Cármen de los Mártires is another interesting spot tourists can meet while being in Granada. This construction, located near the Alhambra, shows a very interesting architectonic structure as well as a very attracting garden. Near by, there is the Iglesia de Santa Ana or Santa Ana Church, another attractive construction built during the XVI century in a typical Mudejar Style.

El Corral del Carbón is another spot tourists should try to visit in Granada. El Corral del Carbón was built in the XVI century with the purpose of being a deposit, but later adapted into a theater. Besides this, tourists should visit the Iglesia de Santo Domingo or Santo Domingo Church, built towards beginnings of the XVI century.

The Sacromonte Abbey is another interesting construction located in the city of Granada. This construction was built towards the XVII century and is very interesting due to its design as well as to its history. Also, while being in this area, tourists should try to visit the Bermejas Towers, constructions that date from the VIII century and which are placed on the Alhambra’s walls.

Map of Granada in Spain