Halkialiki or Chalcidice

Halkialiki, also known as Chalcidice, is a Greek prefecture situated towards the northern area of the country, within the southeastern area of Central Macedonia. It can also be found towards the northwestern side of the Aegean Sea and by the south eastern side of the Cholomon or Cholomontas mountains, most of which are located within the prefecture territory.

According to historians and anthropologists, the first inhabitants of Halkidiki came from Eretria and Chalcis, both of them cities that belonged to the region of Euboea. These first inhabitants arrived towards the 8th century BC and were the founders of several small cities within this prefecture. Among the first cities founded in Halkialiki, we can name, for example, Torone, Mende, and Scione.

Polygyros, the capital of Halkialiki, can be found in the central area of this prefecture, and is one of the most visited spots despite of the fact that this peninsula counts with a great offer of amazing places and attractions spread throughout its territory. This is a very attractive destination in which tourists that are fond of disciplines such as archeology, history, architecture, design, arts or simply like being surrounded by unique natural landscapes would surely enjoy.

Halkialiki counts with several different municipalities and cities spread throughout its territory and its surroundings. Among these municipalities and cities, we can name, for example, Kallikratia, Moudania, Kassandra, Anthemounta, Ormylia, Nea Kallikatria, Galatista, Nea Moudania, and Kassandreia. All of these places count with unique attractions and different interesting spots visitors for visitors to meet.

Many world wide famous persons were born in the prefecture of Halkialiki in the several centuries of life this region has had. Among these famous persons, there is, for example, Aristotle, the singer Sokratis Malamas, the actor Grigoris Arnaoutoglou, and the Greek singer Manolis Mitsias. This prefecture is often recognized by being the birth home place of Aristotle, being this one of the main reasons for this town to be proud. As it can be seen, this prefecture is very interesting from many points of view, and it is very recommendable that tourists who are in this region of Greece do not miss it.

Map of Halkialiki in Greece