The region of Thrace

Thrace is a large region that is in part located in Turkey, in Bulgaria, and in Greece. Besides this, Thrace borders with the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea, and the Sea of Marmara. In ancient times, this region would be more extensive than it is nowadays and included areas of Serbia, Macedonia and parts of Greece and Bulgaria which it does not include today.

The first inhabitants of Thrace were called the Theracians. The Thracians were grouped in different tribes which had different rules and traditions. Besides this, it is also interesting to know that the regions near the mountains were home of other tribes who would often fight against the Theracians.

The Theracians lived in rather unorganized villages and had their own unique forms of arts, being great creators of music and poetry despite of the fact that the inhabitants of neighboring cities would see them as uncivilized. This image was strengthened by the fact that the different tribes would often be part of ferocious fights and wars, in such a way that neighboring inhabitants would be scared of approaching the area.

The Theracians wouldn’t live in a urban organization and would inhabit in small precarious villas. During the Roman period, these tribes started integrating some urban designs to their village distribution, taking the first steps towards what would be an urbanized city in the future.

During the 4th century BC, the region of Thrace and its surroundings was conquered by the King of Macedon Philip II, a situation that continued for almost 150 years. Besides this, it is also interesting to know that during what is known as the Macedonian Wars, this region became engaged into a serious conflict with Rome, going through destructions as well as internal fights.

Towards endings of the 19th century, part of Thrace became part of the Ottoman province of Eastern Rumelia first, and to Bulgaria later. During that time, part of the territory of Thrace belonged to Greece, part to Turkey and part to Bulgaria. After that, Thrace was also affected by several other conflicts, such as the Balkan Wars, the Greco-Turkish War, and World War I.

Map of Thrace in Greece