Loannina – also known as Kefalovryso

The city of Loannina, also known after the name of Kefalovryso, is an interesting destination situated on the northern region of Greece, full of beautiful natural spots and amazing landscapes. The name Kefalovryso owes its roots to the Greek words of kefalos, meaning head, and vryso, meaning spring. All tourists who enjoy beautiful natural landscapes and peaceful environments would surely have a good time when visiting Loannina.

Loannina borders with Albania at its northern side and with the Delta of Achelous at its southern side. Besides this, it also borders with Konitsa and Macedonia to the north east, with Vikos to the east, with Delvinaki to the south west, and with Doliana to the south. As it can be seen, this destination is close to several other interesting Greek places, allowing visitors to meet several spots after being in Loannina.

Loannina offers a very attractive appearance created by the way in which many of its houses are situated over a slope and with a 15º angle. These houses are mixed with trees and green areas in such a way that, while approaching to the city, tourists can enjoy a very peculiar and beautiful image.

The town of Loannina or Kefalovryso counts with its own language called Vlachicka. This language is shared by all the town’s inhabitants and is one of their most traditional cultural aspects. An important amount of Loannina’s population inhabit within the rural area of the town, while many of the others make their living by working at the town’s main factory producing coins.

Tourists who visit Loannina could meet many beautiful spots and amazing landscapes as well as some attractive natural places. It is also interesting to know that this destination has a lyceum, a school, a gymnasium, a main church, a post office, and a soccer team.

Loannina is a very picturesque and tranquil destination in which natural elements are well preserved and the hand of the man does not interrupt their beauty but somehow enhance them. This way, this is an ideal destination for all those who wish to relax and enjoy a peaceful environment while meeting a place full of traditions.

Map of Loannina in Greece